Green Ideas to Keep Your Place

In offices and homes be conscious to use natural lighting and ventilation whenever possible rather than relying on electricity.

Repair/replace broken taps. A single drop per second amounts to a large number of Litres per day.

Eat less meat as approximately 19% of all methane and green house gases are emitted by livestock.

When using a washing machine or Dishwasher, ensure to optimal load to reduce the waste of water and electricity.

Make more meals vegetarian as it consumes 5 times more water to grow feed grain than fruits and vegetables .

Pick up litter whenever you see it and dispose properly; doesn’t matter if you didn’t drop it.

When driving , avoid accelerating rapidly to cover a short distance, this burns up unnecessary fuel.

When Brushing teeth, turn off water whilst in the act of brushing.

Reduce waste by being mindful when making purchases.

Plan out daily travel requirements to avoid duplicating travel to the same locality at different times.

Computers, monitors, printers, photocopy machines, televisions, VCRs, DVD players, and microwave ovens should be properly switched off to save energy.

Create note pads or memo pads from used paper.

Re use paper for photocopying and printing; and print only when necessary.

When Shaving use water in a bowl when shaving rather than leave the water running.

Take your own bags and/or containers when grocery shopping.

Turn off lights fans and air-conditioning when leaving area for long duration.

Minimise the use of aerosol cans for cosmetic purposes.

Use CFL bulbs- Compact fluorescent, spiral light bulbs are 75% more efficient than standard light bulbs.

Plant as many trees as possible and try to make them fruit trees so that you can have the benefit of the produce while help cleaning the environment.

Harvest rain water -Put a barrel on your downspouts and use this water for watering plants, washing.

Convert old linen or clothes into cleaning cloths for the home.

Separate waste at home; do not mix bio degradable items with non bio degradable items.

Minimise utilisation of high electricity consuming appliances such clothes irons, emersion heaters and hot plates.

When driving turn off the air-conditioning/heating when nearing the destination to conserve fuel.

Use car pools when commuting to work.


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Established in 1984, Carekleen (Pvt) Ltd. has a clear mission which is to provide high quality Janitorial and Environmental services to the public and private sectors. From then on, the Company has gone from strength to strength, employing over 3,500 persons who maintain over 9,000,000 square feet of office space daily.

We have understood that exceeding customer expectations is of paramount importance in this industry. Being labour intensive we have identified and understood how people skills are essential and form the bedrock of service delivery. Being technically sound in our operations is second nature to us. What differentiates us is our level of commitment and dedication to exceeding our client's expectations and delivering this in a pleasing and unobtrusive manner.

Our services are available 24 hours, 07 days of the week. Our Managers are on call at all times and respond to our clients requests at all times.


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1998 was a significant year for Carekleen with the commencement of Solid Waste Management operations under contract for numerous municipal councils of major cities in Sri Lanka; which include Colombo Fort & Pettah, Colombo North, Kandy and Dehiwala & Mt Lavinia Municipal Councils. Collectively Carekleen handles approximately 500 metric tons of Municipal Solid Waste per day utilizing our own fleet of 40 Compactor trucks and numerous other support vehicles.